Our Business Offerings


With Global network of partners, we maintain major warehouses in Houston, USA servicing North America, Antwerp, Belgium servicing Europe, Hong Kong and China servicing the Middle East/ Asia and India servicing Indian Subcontinent.


We offer extensive rendering of air charter services for specific needs in the Oil & Gas sector, using huge range of Anthonov Freighter aircraft. We provide delivery solution of essential and urgent equipment required for each stage of project execution.


Swifty Courier Services provides international moving services of the highest quality, using its team of efficient removal professionals, guaranteeing sound, seamless International Moving with our range of vehicles.

Air Freight

Swifty Courier Services uses major international air liners to deliver cargoes to all cities, countries and continents. Our mutual partnerships with major air carriers give our customer cargoes priority space allocation at very competitive rates.

Ocean Network

We offer Sea Freight Services at competitive rates, bench marking on her international partners contract with many of the world’s leading ocean carriers. We handle freight of all kinds to West and Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Overland Network

We are experienced in handling on and off-shore rig moves, primarily in Nigeria, America, Europe, Asia. Usually, our offshore drilling rig move involves use of one lead tug of good capacity coupled with more assisting tugs to move across ocean.

Expecting A Parcel?

Parcels can move from place to place until they get to their final destinations. Know the current status of your parcel in just one click.